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Ronnie C. Allen - Owner and President

Mr. Allen started his career as an enthusiastic member of the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion where he was trained in HVAC maintenance and repair. After leaving the Navy, Mr. Allen ventured further into the HVAC field working for major HVAC companies. He gained valuable experience which solidified his skills and peaked his interest in entrepreneurship. With over twenty years of experience working in the industry under his belt, Mr. Allen decided to open his own company, KEA Corporation. 

C. Lovane Allen - Co-Owner and Vice President

Upon retiring from Qwest Communications after 30 years, Mrs. Allen joined KEA Corporation in 2005 as Vice President of Operations. Her responsibilities within the company exhibit her talents filling a leadership role. Her administrative duties include: office management, running all financial aspects of KEA Corporation, maintaining compliance with city codes, permits and safety procedures. 

David Barnett – Project Manager

Mr. Barnett has worked closely with Mr. Allen since 1976 in a multitude of companies and positions. He has been with KEA Corporation from the start and has proven himself to be an integral part of the company. He is a valuable source of information and knowledge to all of our men in the field. Mr. Barnett is responsible for field supervision of his team as well as handling the many complex issues that arise in the field.

Bryan Brito – Project Manager

Mr. Brito has worked for KEA Corporation for 5 years. He began as a Service Technician before earning his position of Project Manager. His responsibilities include: field supervision of his team and he is the Head of Maintenance. Mr. Brito has attended numerous HVAC continuing education classes to expand his knowledge base and to improve his skills.

Jordan Trujillo – Project Manager

Mr. Trujillo is a proud U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who obtained his HVAC certification from a trade school in Orange County, California. He joined KEA Corporation in 2017 as a Service Technician. Mr. Trujillo has filled the role of Estimator before settling into his current position as a Project Manager. His military background contributed to his innate ability to lead, problem solve and use resources strategically. 

Dan Black – Service Technician 

Mr. Black has been a part of KEA Corporation's team since 2016. He brought a skill set stemming from a previous background in electrical training as an HVAC technician and installer. His primary responsibilities include: being on-call for service requests, troubleshooting as well as pumping and shooting Freon. Mr. Black has displayed his dedication to KEA Corporation through seasons of hard work and excellent customer service.

Joel Cota – Service Technician 

Mr. Cota's background in Electrical Engineering has contributed to his success as a KEA Corporation Service Technician. He has worked for KEA Corporation for one year. Mr. Cota's kind disposition made him a great addition to our team and an even better representative of our company out in the field. He is responsible for performing diagnostics on residential and commercial air applications as well as testing the pressurization of lines. 

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